about Get To Know Me Better as we might see each other often.
So this is my story guys...
Hi, I am Kas Poz!

I spend most of my time in Ebene.
I work hard but know when to Kas Poz.
I am curious about the world but proud to be mauritian.
I am from all backgrounds, speak french, english and creole…sometimes in numbers.
I enjoy good food and wine, movies, music, art, sports, partying, hanging out!
I am awesome, fun, have a taste for 'le décalé' and people often call me the local hipster (-;


… and more concretely
KAS POZ is a snack, restaurant, bar, terrace and conference room based in Ebene = Ti 24, Bel 24, Bar 35 and Le 31.
KAS POZ is international & mauritian,
KAS POZ is contemporary & traditional,
KAS POZ is business & creative.

kitchen + bar = funky biz What We Do. Our List Of Services.
Feel Good attitude :) It’s all about giving yourself a break and having a good time.

MORIS LONTAN: In the food you will 're-discover' arouille, songe, margoze.
DEOR: We all like a little 'new', a little flavour from abroad.
ARTISTIC: Sharing an art scene : music, visual, design, video...

  • icon_01 SNACK & TAKE AWAY

    Serving some amazing, juicy, delicieux & savoureux : Burgers, Pizzas , Pasta, Chips...and salads (dduuuhh, some of us do like it healthy!)

  • icon_02 RESTAURANT

    That’s the way we like it, some fancy food with a little bit of home everywhere we go and in everything we eat. Enjoy …

  • icon_03 BAR

    Beer, wine, vodka, rum, whisky, gin, name it I’ve got it!

  • icon_04 terrace

    Take a break from aircon, artificial lights...have a deep breath and appreciate the landscape

  • icon_05 CONFERENCE

    Meetings, workshops, conferences or just brain-storm for cool business people

showcase Check Out How Good Looking I Am.
Strips of colors in the grey Ebene SuperCyberMega City!

I was born from an iSpecial mix: Factory New York style + éclats de couleurs + à la mauricienne. Bring on the good old stuff: in the design: the “Ti Karo" was used in snacks lepok, the numbers in Kreol: 24, 35, 17, 40. J'ai une touche écolo et mon design est unique. No made in China tah!










KAS POZ family Meet my parents. Who are behind the Sunnies?
It's not just a business, I am the fruit of passion, joy, friendship and loads of huile de coude !

Kas Poz est un projet qui brasse la culture mauricienne et européenne. Plus qu'une équipe, c'est une famille.


Sophie & Mike help people and companies to design, market and sell with a more creative and strategic attitude since 2002. Having done projects in more then 8 different countries, they know about trends and cultures. They are the originators of Kas Poz.

The BENHAMOU family

The family who owns the “Life” and “The Patio” restaurants in Port-Louis. From France, the Benhamou’s have moved to Mauritius 8 years ago, for the love of the country and culture. Christine, Gerard and Romain are classy, simple, relaxed and awesome. They value: good food + comfort + friendly people.

Mario Guillot & Anwar Bheenick

Mario, well-known Mauritian fashion and interior/architecture designer - is in his universe of colours, fun designs and details. Anwar, talented crafter, is in his universe of raw material, Mauritian architecture and culture. A creative combo who materialised Kas Poz looks and design.

Menus + venue Read Our Menus. Don't stay hungry and thirsty.
Ti 24


"Sa Metisse la"
Some French with some Mauritian twist or some Mauritian with some French twist? Pa Kas mo la tete - I am hungry!

Download Ti 24
Bel 24


"Pima Krasé please"
Le Mauricien à l’étranger, passe sa commande, attend, mange sa premiere bouchée et … : “Excusez-moi, auriez-vous svp du piment écrasé ?"

Download Bel 24
35 Bar

*** BAR & MORE... ***

"All the single ladies"
… and non-single ladies - I got some specials cocktails just for you…


Download 35 Bar
Le 31


"Funky Business"
- I say …creativity comes in a Kas Pozed mind… you can borrow “Le 31” for meetings, workshops, conferences or just brain-storm in our beautiful-outisde-view seminar room. Brain feeding starts with the belly - i will bring in some nibbles and refreshment for when you need a boost. -

Download Le 31
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How do I live without my GADJAK? (Hymne aux Gadjaks)

Gadjaks are the fun in your plate, the laugh in your belly (the saviour when you are drunk.) Always there for me in the bad times as in the good times. Can’t live without you Gadjak …You, gadjaks lover, Kas Poz is your home!

Ground Floor, Tower 2, Nexteracom Tower
Cybercity - Ebene, Mauritius
+230 468 16 61

Groups, Corporate and Seminars:
+230 5828 8512

Monday to thursday: 8h30 à 22h
Friday: 8h30 à depending on your mood
Saturday: 17h à depending on your mood
Sunday: closed